Most frequent questions and answers

Thanks to our global network of contacts nurtured along the years, we make sure to cover:

  • Early and immediate awareness of risk exposure
  • In-depth understanding and description of the situation
  • Rapid assessment of who’s at stake¬†
  • Re-location and communication with affected travelers

It is not easy to find last minute places on already booked flights, but emergencies happen and we understand that. We make sure to quickly lay out all the options you have, not as mainstream as usual, for you to get to where you need to be on time. Call us and we’ll figure it out!

Our consulting services are free of charge.

We cater for your needs by offering you a trip that suits your preferences and budget. Book your consultation with us so we can have a quick chat about the things you’re dreaming of and turn them into realities!

The agency fee varies between the deals we make depending on the services provided. It is usually set and agreed upon during your first consultation.